Interface of Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal

This section describes the primary elements of the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal interface (see figure below).

The File Analysis tab on the Analysis page contains Drag and drop area and the Cybermap.

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal interface

The worldwide cybermap shows threats around the globe. You can hover your mouse over a country to reveal its global rank of the most attacked countries and the percentage of users whose Kaspersky products have blocked threats of the selected type. To the right of the cybermap, a list of the most attacked countries is displayed.

When you click a specific country on the cybermap, threat ratings and statistics are displayed. These include ranking in the ‘most frequently attacked countries’ list, and the number of detected dangerous objects. Clicking an item in the threats list takes you to the Kaspersky threats website.

For both the worldwide and individual country cybermaps, filtering by type and time is available.

By selecting the information type in the drop-down list, you can view the information for the following types:

By selecting the time period in the drop-down list, you also can filter the displayed information for a specific period:

You can also zoom in on the cybermap by scrolling the map area. Clicking the house button () returns the cybermap zoom to 100%.

The left part of the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal page contains a menu to access the main functions of the portal.

This menu consists of two sections. You can click the rightwards arrows () to expand or leftwards arrows () to collapse each of these at any time to more conveniently view the relevant section or elements of the menu.

Main menu

The main menu provides access to the following sections:

Account menu

You can access this menu by clicking your user name in the lower-left corner of the page.

The account menu is only available if you have signed in with your Kaspersky account. Through this menu, you can do the following:

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